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Growing up on our family farm, tucked into the foothills of the Berwyn Mountains (a registered Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) in North Wales, instilled environmental consciousness and a love for farming and animals. Our background has given us first hand experience and understanding of sustainable farming practices, and an appreciation for the dedicated production of seasonable produce – specifically the highest quality meat, hand-craft butchery and natural balance between livestock and the environment.


Having lived in Hong Kong for the past five years, with a career as a professional rugby-player where nutrition is an essential component for performance, it has been a significant struggle to find sustainably reared, quality-assured meat, which is what has sparked our ambition.  With growing awareness of current intensive farming practices, we want to be able to supply conscientious consumers with a better and more responsible alternative. 


We aim to provide Hong Kong with the most sustainable and ethically produced British meat available.

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Better produce and ethics are values that underpin our company. Animal well-being, considerate action towards sustainability and reducing environmental impact are what sets us and our produce apart.


 We only source produce from exceptional British farms, relying on the best farming practices that enhance the characteristics and integrity of our meat, and the surrounding pastoral environment.


At Elite Meat Co. we promise:

  • To only support grass-fed and free-range produce

  • Ensure world-leading animal welfare standards 

  • Traceability and transparency from destination to origin 

  • Elite nutrition, assuring all meat is free from added hormones or antibiotics - pure meat with no nasties

  • Commitment to reduce and innovate against waste production 

  • Guarantee the finest, high grade meat is delivered directly to your door


We are proud to work with some of the most ethical and sustainable farms across the British Isles who rear traditional breeds as nature intended.

Our award-winning butchers are skilled in their craft, hand carving our premium cuts. Our partner supplies the same quality produce, to over 40 high-end restaurants in London, Manchester and across the UK. We work with acclaimed chefs who demand the highest quality ingredients.

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