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Brilliant British Beef-Wellington

British Beef Wellington is the perfect centrepiece for a (socially distanced) home festive feast. Using one of our most precious cuts, the Chateaubriand (hand-cut middle section of the fillet) from our pedigree breeds of outdoor reared grass-fed beef.

The prestigious Wellington is delicately wrapped in a blanket of warm layered pastry, a decadent dressing of duxelle and cooked medium rare. It is a century old British showstopper and a traditional winter favourite. Our prestigious 'Chateau' is designed to indulge and delight two people per serving, for hosting larger parties consider creating separate parcels using additional produce.

For a fantastic guide to preparing and cooking a perfect Wellington we recommend following the Masterclass Guide from Gordon Ramsay.

Ingredients List:

  • EM Co. Chateaubriand (fillet centrepiece)

  • Olive oil

  • 500g mixture of wild mushrooms

  • 1 thyme sprig

  • 500g puff pastry

  • Parma ham

  • 2 egg yolks

  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preparing your parcel: Our farmhouse kitchen tips

  • Season and rest your Chateau at room temperature prior to cooking

  • Wrapping the Wellington with cling film ensures a tighter parcel allowing more even cooking.

  • When you remove your Wellington from the oven, rest it on a cooking wire so the heat escapes equally and to keep pastry layers firm.

  • Cut into generous slices to avoid the Wellington falling apart.

"Have a wonderful Christmas, from our farmers, butchers and team at EM Co."

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