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#EATBETTERMEAT with Elite Meat Co.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

At EM Co. we care about production, consumption and ethics around food and meat supply. Our company and online store invests careful attention and detail into each aspect of the production and butchery process. As fourth-generation Welsh Mountain sheep farmers (you don’t find many outside of Wales!) we are passionate about delivering quality produce to Hong Kong. Relocating from a rural home to pursue a career in professional sport, we are fully aware of the difficulty in sourcing quality meat and the well founded concerns around industrial production.

We hope to counter the negative perception, committed to sharing our knowledge and understanding, and to supply conscious consumers with provenance assured produce that is higher quality, ethically managed and environmentally balanced. Often consumers across Hong Kong are limited to intensively farmed produce originating from China, Australia and South America, these regions face extensive environmental challenges around water shortages, resource depletion, deforestation and cause harmful environmental impacts that are unfit for conscious people to consume.

We strive to deliver high-grade, naturally raised, lamb, pork, beef, chicken and seasonal produce. Through world-leading farming practices we provide better meat for people who share our concern around food production, living consciously and understanding the impacts around the things we consume. We passionately deliver our promise:

  • Grass-fed and free-range produce only

  • Our livestock enjoy world-leading animal welfare standards

  • Traceability and transparency of our produce

  • Elite nutrition - all meat is free from added hormones or antibiotics

  • Reusable and recyclable packaging, and a commitment to reduce waste from the farms to delivery

  • To provide and guarantee restaurant quality meat, delivered directly to your door

At Elite Meat Co. our handpicked farms practice extensive, sustainable and regeneratve farming methods. Our philosophy believes in allowing farming cycles to run as nature intended, our animals are allowed to mature slowly at their own pace and avoid synthetic feed that has been engineered to create rapid growth. We source animals that have been nurtured, who lead completely free-range lifestyles in natural and responsibly managed environments. The aim of Elite Meat Co. is to offer Hong Kong individuals an alternative to high volume farming – an opportunity to engage with a kinder way of farming that is honest, ethical and reconnects people to the food they eat.

Traceability of produce became a serious consumer concern following BSE, generating an increased desire for high quality, sustainably produced meat that people can trust. Similarly, environmental campaigns and climate change awareness appreciate and differentiate the origin of production and the environmental impact or footprint. Provenance of meat produced in suitable regions completely contrasts the same practice in an area with unsustainable conditions. To further the need for traceability, the global COVID-19 pandemic originated from transmission of animal diseases into humans through wildlife consumption. Whether motivated by seeing better welfare standards for animals, avoiding unethical or unnatural produce of certain origin, we are offering better and natural alternatives for people across Hong Kong.

We work closely with a number of farms and smallholdings across the UK. Our Beef is predominantly from floodplains and low lying areas of the Midlands and Herefordshire. Our lamb is produced on higher land across Cumbria, North of England and mountain farms of North Wales, where they are well suited to the high rainfall and rugged terrain. Nearly all of our pork is reared on a small farm in Gloucestershire with woodlands for our pigs to roam.

We are proud of our produce, the high standards of production and exceptional quality result sees our meat decorate the menus of the highly acclaimed restaurants in the UK.

We strive to deliver on our values of environmental impact reduction, selecting materials for packaging and food transport that are minimal and reusable. We have worked carefully to reduce our footprint and eliminate as much unnecessary packaging and plastic from our operation. Evidence of this will be seen through the use of a reusable insulated bag initiative. We are enrolled in a voluntary carbon offsetting initiative involving a tree planting and sustainable land management scheme “Glastir” on our family farm. Back home, it is our ambition to provide exclusive seasonal produce from our own small-holding, situated in the rural and rugged Welsh countryside. Currently home to an expanding flock of Badger-face sheep and Tamworth pigs, we will soon be welcoming Highland cattle to the farm. We practice what we preach and look forward to sharing our premium British produce with you.

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