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Conscious Consumers: Responsibly Sourced Produce

Detachment from our rural environments and understanding or involvement in our food production can be seen evidently around the world. The increasingly large consumer footprint can become invisible within the bubble that we live, especially in an urban megacity such as Hong Kong.

The SCMP recently reported that a staggering 30% of the beef available to purchase in Hong Kong Supermarkets is from Brazil and is directly attributed to deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest leading environmental NGO Green Peace has found from a study in August 2020. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef, and Hong Kong and mainland China are its top two destinations, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

The effects of climate change are currently being widely experienced. We are seeing people and businesses making concerted efforts around the world to address these issues that are of deep concern to most. The most recent BBC Planet Earth series highlights the rate of extinction to species and the harmful loss of habitat and biodiversity. The Amazon rainforest is often referred to as the worlds lungs, responsible for converting huge amounts of carbon-dioxide into oxygen. The loss of our global rainforest environments is a humanitarian catastrophe and unfortunately increasingly exploited all over the world for production of food and most notably beef.

Climate change effects are already affecting Hong Kong, which this year saw its hottest summer since records began in 1884. The number of very hot days recorded in 2020 has already reached 43, which is 32.8 days above the annual norm, breaking the previous record of 38 days set in 2016. “Even though we are far away in Hong Kong, we are also indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, so we should also be doing our part,” Frances Yeung Hoi-shan, a senior campaigner at Greenpeace

We want people Hong Kong to become aware of their own consumer footprint and the responsibility that comes with purchase choices and the amount we consume. We aim to inform the population of Hong Kong about farming and provide individuals the meaningful choice of a sustainable meat source.

Elite Meat Co. only deliver the finest British produce. We work closely with our wold-leading farmers who are passionate about animal welfare and sustainable, non-intensive agriculture. Our upcoming feed articles will place the spotlight on our efforts and commitment towards regenerative farming practices that deliver the quality and environmentally considerate produce we have across our online store.

Shop responsibly and #EatBetterMeat


Read the full article by the South China Morning Post.

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