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Sustainable Delivery

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Our Reusable Delivery Bag Initiative is part of our continuous efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

Hong Kong has some of the most stunning natural landscapes and coastal areas. Being a territory amongst 250 islands, there are high levels of interaction with the surrounding seas and oceans. In a bid to help combat the worsening ocean plastic waste and the poor recycling provisions in the city, we are committed, and strive to remove as much plastic from our operations as possible. All orders will be received in a re-usable insulated bag. These are built to last, and as written on the side, can be returned for re-use. Simply leave on your doorstep on following orders, and our drivers will collect, and leave you a new bag of our premium British farmed produce. We also refrain from using plastic trays with our product, and use compostable alternatives.

Our efforts towards sustainability and environmental consideration expand across all areas of our business efforts and operations.

We place high emphasis on the farming practices of our products, and can be confident that our regenerative and low intensity, free ranging, grass-fed meat is some of the most considerate produce available across the world.

There are a number of other areas we look to mitigate and offset any environmental footprint. Make sure to follow us, our ongoing efforts and initiatives, you can read about soon.

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