Hybrid Lean Box

A selction of our premium British produce. Specific lean cuts of sustainably farmed, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken, providing the highest quality nutrition and value for money.


Our grass fed beef is nutrient rich, posessing higher concentrations of essential vitamins and omega 3. All of our produce is antibiotic and hormone free, with livestock raised to the highest welfare standards.


Box includes

- Sirloin Steak 230g (x2)

- Fillet Steak 220g

- Ribeye Steak 220g (x2)

- Half Chicken 800g

- Lean steak mince 250g


We're excited to be apart of your new year health and performance goals. #Eatbettermeat #Hybridgetslean

Hybrid Lean Box

  • All product macro nutritional information is available on each specific item within the store. 

    Read more on the benefits of grass fed beef and nutrition for athletes. ('Grass>Grain' and 'Athelite' articles available on the feed on the website)