Rhug Estate Organic, Dry Aged Sirloin Steak

A British favourite. This is a special edition, sourced from the award winning, organic Aberdeen Angus heards  of the prestidgious Rhug Estate, who suitably supply the Royal Family. This sirloin has also beed dry aged for 32 days in our dedicated dry aging room, allowing the flavours to intensify and become more tender. 


A very special piece of organic Welsh beef. Serves one (230g)

Rhug Estate Organic, Dry Aged Sirloin Steak

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  • Sirloin comes from above the loin, as the name suggests. It is a primal with good fat marbeling and a layer above, ensuring great flavour. Ours are hand cut from our in house butchers.

  • With good levels of marbling and a delicious strip of aged fat this is a prime and flavoursome treat, especially when served with home made chips and a Bordelaise sauce. We recommend serving our Sirloin Steaks rare or medium rare for optimum taste and eating. 

    The Rhug organic dry aged beef is something special and the quality of the produce is evident.