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Rhug Estate Organic Lamb Leg

Rhug Estate award-winning Organic Lamb Leg.


Bred and reared on the main farm at Rhug, where the pastures are sown with a selection of herbs and grasses, including chicory, red and white clover, cocksfoot and timothy. This all contributes to the tenderness and flavour of succulent meat. The lowland and highland flock are North of England Mules. The highland flock lamb outdoors in the season and we are therefore able to produce lamb all year round. Rhug Estate lamb has PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status and is considered by many well-renowned chefs to be some of the best lamb in the world.


Apprixmiately 2.2kg, feeds 6 people.

Rhug Estate Organic Lamb Leg

  • The organic welsh lamb leg is a great alternative to the more popular lamb shoulder. This cut it left on the bone by our in-house Master Butchers.

  • This Rhug Estate whole lamb leg on the bone is of the finest quality and as such is perfect for both Sunday lunches and special occasions, with generous helpings of rich, succulent meat on the bone for the best flavour. For the best finish, roast long and slow so the sweet meat can tenderise gradually and serve with traditional roast potatoes, homemade Yorkshire puddings, and fresh mint sauce.

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