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Ribeye Steak 10oz

The most popular steak we offer and for good reason. A deliciously rich premium steak from Aberdeen Angus or Herefordshire breeds. The 10oz size is slightly bigger and thicker cut than our conventional 220g. 


This steak has higer levels of flavoursome fat compared to other leaner options. Sourced only from grass fed, free range heritage cattle, features quality marbling with a nugget of natural fat (the eye), which caramalises to become buttery, succlent and tender. Perfect for a date night for two, or a big treat for one.

Ribeye Steak 10oz

  • "Also known as Scotch Fillet, the Rib Eye Steak is taken from the rib primal, with the bone removed. It's traditionally known as a butcher's cut who would reserve certain tasty cuts for himself. The muscles are underused with more fat, promising tender and well marbled meat."


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